Table of comtents


This is text imside section.

1. Numbered section

Red1 text that is now bold.

Next paragraf has italia text.

1.1. Section imside the other one with also number

1.1.1. Smaler section

Som more text Even smaler section

Ok2 More of same


Another section

U can link to same endnote more times2

1.2. Table

Table sux not much u can do with it but here is example:
name as cunt tits
remy thik smely3 smal
maria normal nice medium
briana smal ok BIK

1.3. Images

1.4. Lists

  1. ordred
  2. list

1.5. Code

inline: char const *ass = "asda";


int main(int argc,char **argv){
  printf("programming codes\n");

1.6. Text stuf

text that is highlighted

2. Links

Link to a section
Same link but with auto name: 1.1.1. Smaler section
Text link to endnote
Link to external site


  1. u can also specify golor with hex val
  2. u can make more nested than this but header dosnt get smaler
  3. its very smely. btv end notes are ordred by aperance of links to them
  4. u can only have text inside blok no links or formating