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prototype inplementation of current spec draft
actually - conforms more or less to something like spec 0xFC plus minus a few things
comands now start with % and must therefore be written as irc messages, in #pest or any privmsg window
single thred, not optimized at all, some stuff on disk not cached and so on. wana make sure logics are gorrect first
certain parts of the gode still needs nuking
0 dependencies, c99 compiler (+libc) all u need
musltronic build can be achieved with e.g: make CC="/usr/local/musl/bin/musl-gcc"
VARNING: makefile has bug so make clean dosnt remove src/otherpplgode/*.o
data dir structure

97K udpfix_utf8ism_various_rmuggo tar.gz (sig) vpatch (sig)  <- NEW!
98K addrcast_slavemode_smalfixes tar.gz (sig) vpatch (sig)
99K genesis tar.gz (sig) vpatch (sig)
all vpatches tar.gz (sig)


program that outputs html from s-expresion
vritten quickly, input format will most likely change
example: input -> output

99K genesis tar.gz (sig) vpatch (sig)  <- NEW!
all vpatches tar.gz (sig)

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