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the groundbreaking lisp system from okesoft
bootstraps itself (from asebler lvl) through the following patented 4stage process
run make (its supposed to take 5 years, pres link above for why) then thers a example repl script u can run like this
./tunavm TL 16777216 1 src/repl.scm
the repl not particularily usable since theres no eggog hooks into vm or anyhting

implements "r5rs+-":
- no schemetronic macros cuz im to dumb to undersand those
- no weird number types, u only get integer
- no number exactness
- mising most of the math stuf
- mising string<.. etc
- proly some other stuf
+ commonlisp macros (define-macro) with gensym and exposed macroexpand
+ kompiler macros (define-cmacro)
+ 1arg eval defaults to (interaction-environment)
+ argv acesible with (posix-argv)

tuna lisp virtual machine (./tunavm)
* SECD based arcitecture, on/offable stop&copy gc colector
* shoutout to my nigga c.j. cheney for the baller gc algo
* ~6kb .exe, no recursion or other unbounded use of stack
* able to produce boot images for itself via a special instruction
* takes 3+ args from command line: image path, heap size in bytes, gc on/off,
* rest are transformed into a list of strings accesible by special instruction
* doesnt do any sort of verification of the image, which is considered part of the program. if u put a bad image into it, prog will segfault, so dont
* no bufred io, so expect io to be imsanely slow, which is wat it is, imsanely slow

* x86_64 asembler (nasm/yasm, tho this wouldnt take to much efort to swap out)
* couple of syscals (read/write/open/close/mmap/exit)

ok but is there a docker image

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greasy p2p vpn with pestronic properties
it cryp, it sign, dont repley, dont ddos, trak ip yes
com with nice rpc program gnconfig
work linups fre bsd not steveos
very good

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prototype inplementation of current spec draft
actually - conforms more or less to something like spec 0xFC plus minus a few things
comands now start with % and must therefore be written as irc messages, in #pest or any privmsg window
single thred, not optimized at all, some stuff on disk not cached and so on. wana make sure logics are gorrect first
certain parts of the gode still needs nuking
it is recomended to turn on automatic rekeying, this is disabledf by defalt as per spec. %knob rkrecv 1, %knob rksend 1
0 dependencies exept libc, c99 compiler all u need
musltronic build can be achieved with e.g: make CC="/usr/local/musl/bin/musl-gcc"
VARNING: if u use wrecked irssi (1.4.1+), u need to add the undocumented -nocap flag to /connect or /server in order to disable this retarded hack, since the maintainers will not fix it
VARNING2: program logs spammy addres casts and prods by defalt which might fill ur disk. disable in config.h if this is undesirable
data dir structure

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97K udpfix_utf8ism_various_rmuggo tar.gz (sig) vpatch (sig)
98K addrcast_slavemode_smalfixes tar.gz (sig) vpatch (sig)
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program that outputs html from s-expresion
vritten quickly, input format will most likely change
example: input -> output

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